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-- Kristy

2000-2001 (Providence Bruins)
At "Meet the P-Bruins" (01/17/01)  
Beauty (Peter) & the beast (me) at "Meet the P-Bruins" :) (01/17/01)   
Celebrating a PlanetUSA goal (AHL All-Star Game) (01/15/01)  
Go get it, Peter! :) (AHL All-Star Game) (01/15/01)  
Experiencing the giggles (AHL All-Star Game) (01/15/01)  
Eyeing the situation (AHL All-Star Game) (01/15/01)  
Chris & Peter in the PlanetUSA locker room (01/14/01)  
Fraternizing with Eric Boguniecki (AHL All-Star Skills Competition) (01/14/01)  
Taking a practice shot (AHL All-Star Skills Competition) (01/14/01)  
We're having a good time, yep! :)  (AHL All-Stars Skills Competition) (01/14/01)  
Looking angry (11/17/00)   
After getting clipped with a stick (11/17/00)   
Bring it on! :) (11/17/00)   
Getting set (11/17/00)   
Watch that puck fly! (11/11/00)  
Ya think so, huh? :) (11/11/00)  
Sweeping the puck in (11/11/00)  
Set to go (11/11/00)  
Hmmmm... (11/10/00) 
Get back here! (11/10/00) 
Extra effort on a precision shot (11/10/00) 
Time to get into the action (11/10/00) 
Shall we dance? :) (11/03/00) 
Learning to walk... on skates? :) (11/03/00) 
Focused on the face-off (10/27/00)
Helmets off! (10/22/00)  
Doing a jig with the puck (10/22/00) 
Whatever! :) (10/22/00) 
Oops... excuse me... :) (10/20/00) 
Oh yeah? (10/20/00)  
Stick in the face, Pete? (10/20/00) 
Waiting out a misconduct penalty (10/20/00) 
Ready... set... face-off! (10/20/00) 
If I just concentrate hard enough... :) (10/20/00) 
Do you hear what I hear? :) (10/13/00) 
Celebrating a goal with Chad Cabana (10/13/00)
Closing in on the play (10/13/00) 
Practicing the Can-Can? :) (10/13/00) 
Coasting in for the face-off (10/13/00) 
Huh?   What'd you say? (10/13/00) 
Surprise, surprise, surprise! :) (10/06/00)  
Watching the play (10/06/00) 
Finding humour in something (10/06/00) 

1999-2000 (Providence Bruins)
Yukking it up with PJ Stock after the game (05/21/00) 
Intently watching the game (05/21/00)
The Ferraro stare :) (05/21/00) 
Oh yeah?   I don't think so, Sparky! :) (05/21/00) 
Post-series handshake with  Mike Harder (05/21/00) 
Post-series handshake with Drew Bannister (05/21/00)
Post-series handshake with Jason Dawe (05/21/00) 
Post-series handshake with Brad Smyth (05/21/00) 
Post-series handshake with Jean-Francois Labbe (05/21/00) 
Post-series handshake with old friend, Terry Virtue (05/21/00) 
Heh heh... :) (05/19/00)  
Check, please... Ok! :) (05/19/00)  
Last second instruction check before face-off (05/19/00)  
Put on a happy face (05/14/00) 
Group hug!! :) (05/14/00) 
Why'd you fling the puck *that* way, Andre?? :) (05/14/00) 
DUCK!!!! :) (05/12/00)  
Coming around the net in pursuit of the puck (05/12/00)  
Doing battle behind the net (05/06/00) 
Lemme at that puck! (05/06/00) 
Respecting the flag during the National Anthem (05/06/00) 
Cleaning out the net during warm-ups (05/06/00) 
Oh no you don't! (05/06/00) 
Hanging out with the guys (05/06/00) 
Accepting congratulations from Ray Giroux after series win (05/02/00) 
Say what? (05/02/00) 
Lining up (04/26/00) 
Face-off! (04/26/00) 
Taking a turn (04/26/00) 
This Easton stick... firm... flexible... :) (04/26/00) 
Congratulations all around after Game 2 OT win (04/22/00) 
There it goes (04/22/00) 
Outta my way, sparky!! :) (04/22/00) 
Hey, over here! (04/22/00)
Huddle!!   (04/22/00)
Frustrated, but not losing hope (04/21/00)
Stickhandler extraordinaire! (04/21/00)
Time to get it done (04/21/00)
Taking a quick rest (04/21/00)
Consternation (04/21/00)
Watching the play develop (04/21/00)
Made ya look! :) (04/21/00)
You want it when?? (04/16/00)
Let me relieve you of that puck... (04/16/00)
Hustle, hustle, hustle!! (04/16/00)
What is all that hollerin' about anyway? (04/16/00)
Just after going through the series-ending handshake line (04/16/00)
Huh?   Where? (04/16/00)
Readying for a face-off (04/16/00)
Such form! Such poise!! :) (04/16/00)
Eyeing the play (04/16/00)
At the "Meet the Bruins" Booster Club function (03/26/00)
Nose for the net (03/26/00)
That was *funny*! (03/25/00)
Conferencing with Bob Beers (03/25/00)
Challenging for the puck (03/25/00)
You lookin' at me? :) (03/12/00) 
You want me to pass the puck...? (03/12/00) 
Extreme close-up! :) (02/26/00)
How low can ya go...? (02/26/00)
You talkin' to me? (02/26/00)
A little tug here, a little adjustment there... :) (02/26/00)
In the play... (02/26/00)
Ready for the draw (02/26/00)
Hello dere... (02/26/00)
Warm-ups in New Brunswick (02/18/00)
Nice follow-through! (02/13/00)
Caught! (02/13/00)
Playing hockey in a suit, part 1 (02/00)  
Playing hockey in a suit, part 2 (02/00)  
This is what ya gotta do, Peter (12/26/99)
Winning over a young fan (12/26/99)
Peter & Chris at the "Meet the Bruins" season ticket holder party (12/20/99)
Anytime now, ref! (12/01/99)
Waiting for the fight to end (12/01/99)
Clock watching with brother Chris (12/01/99)
Anticipating the drop of the puck (12/01/99)
Watching the play (with Chris) (12/01/99)
Mirror images (note how their arms are crossed) :) (12/01/99)
Over here! (11/12/99)
What's going on down that end of the ice anyway? (11/12/99)
Celebrate good times... come on! (11/12/99)
Taking a face-off (11/12/99)
When the coach talks... (11/12/99)
Providence Monthly Magazine Cover (11/99)
Head! Get out of the way, head! :) (10/22/99)
Anticipation... (10/22/99)
Focus, focus! (10/22/99)
Having a meeting of the minds with Joe Hulbig (10/22/99)
Raising the Calder Cup Champs banner (10/8/99)
I'll race ya for it! (10/8/99)
Letting loose a killer shot (10/8/99)

1998-99 (Providence Bruins)

Calder Cup parade (6/16/99)
More Calder Cup parade (6/16/99)
Getting writer's cramp! (6/16/99)
Incognito, smilin' & stylin' (Calder Cup Rally - 6/16/99)
Providence Bruins Team Photo w/ Trophies (6/16/99)
Peter makes it into the Hockey Hall of Fame! (6/13/99) 
The Providence Bruins - Calder Cup Champions, 1999 (6/13/99)
Giving a very touching speech after the final Cup victory (6/13/99)
The chase is on! (6/13/99)
Hoisting the Jack Butterfield Calder Cup MVP Award (Congrats!!!!) (6/13/99)

We did it!  The Cup is *OURS*!!  (6/13/99)
Happy camper, eh? (5/29/99)
Apres defeating the Baby Habs (5/29/99)
Celebrating Landon Wilson's goal (5/29/99)
Lining up for a face-off with teammate Terry Virtue
Anticipating the play
Drat! Overskated it! (4/11/99)
Caught ya lookin'! :) (4/11/99)
Fishing for pucks during warmups (4/11/99)
Smile for the camera! (4/11/99 - P-Bruins Awards Dinner)
Signing autographs at "Skate with the Bruins" (3/28/99)
I'm warming up... really!
Up close and personal
You lookin' at me??
Scoping out the possibilities

1997-98 (Hartford Wolf Pack)
Resting and watching 
Grinning in the sin bin
Wolf Pack warmups
Watching and waiting
Face off!
Watching a play unfold
Timeout... hey!
Dressed to the nines!

1995-97 (Binghamton Rangers)
1996-97 AHL Schedule photo & blurb
On the move with the Binghamton Rangers
1997 World All-Stars (Peter is in the back row, far right; Chris is in the back row, far left)
Binghamton Rangers mug shot
Chumming with Margaret Messler and brother, Chris
Dressed up and ready to step out

1994-95 (Atlanta Knights)
Watching and waiting
Warming up for a game with twin brother Chris (Peter is on the right)
Knight on patrol
Knightline game program cover (Peter is in the inset photo)
Knightline Game Program roster photo

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