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AHL Player of the Week Chat Transcript from - 11/17/99

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Moderator: Hello! We're in the process of setting things up. Please stand by. Thanks.

FerraroRules: Congratulations Peter on your award! As a P-Bruins fan, it seems like every team is beating up on you guys as much as possible this year. How do you see that, and how is it to come in as the Defending Calder Cup Champions?

Peter Ferraro: Well, obviously, there has been more intensity than other games, because it is more of a challenge.

ksgBsfan: Congratulations on being named Player of the week, Peter! The transactions listed you as being 'on loan' to Providence from Boston.  Does that indicate that you'll be called up to Boston again soon?

Peter Ferraro: Things like that happened randomly. I really have no indication of being called up to Boston. I really have no idea.

MacKenzie: Peter as a Providence Bruins season ticket holder I am very glad to see you back with us in Providence. You bring a great deal of energy to our team, not to mention goal scoring. My question: knowing how close you and your brother are do you find it difficult to play against him when the
situation arises?

Peter Ferraro: Fortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to play him.  My brother and I are competitive athletes anyways, and we're just happy for each other.

Erica and Christina: Congrats! We were just wondering who your roomate is on the road and who do you hang out with off the ice, and what do you guys do for fun?

Peter Ferraro: Jeremy Brown. It differs every road trips. The last two haven't been with Brown. Sometimes when we are not on a winning streak, we change roommates, so nothing is permanent.

Jaime Bailey: Hello Peter, Congratulations on being named SherWood AHL Player of the week. The numbers you have been putting together are awesome and being Player of the Week is a well deserved title for you! I am curious to know if you think that your Providence Bruins will repeat as the Calder Cup champs. Do you think the team is as good as it was last year or possibly even better than last years team? Thank you and Good Luck the rest of the season!

Peter Ferraro: I do not think we are as good as last year. It is a different team. Every time you move Randy Robitaille, it changes the team.  We have some good young players in the system that will be good players in the future. We're just missing veteran players. We are also battling some injuries. That remains to be seen as well..

good luck!: when do you think you will make the jump to the bigs? 

Peter Ferraro: I am pretty happy with the way I have been playing. The jump to the NHL is a big jump. The opportunity to play and have success in the NHL is there. For whateve reason, you never know about making the jump from the AHL..

Marc from Quebec: Do you have some great memories of your participation in the Quebec city pee wee tournament?

Peter Ferraro: It is actually the most memorable moment of my life. I played for the Ry Rangers, which represented the NY Rangers, where I was the tournament MVP. That was the biggest thing that happened in my career.  I would have been 12 at the time.

Jessica from Louisville: Congrats on being named player of the week! I was wondering if you had any rituals that you did before each game.

Peter Ferraro: I don't really have any rituals. I basically go through the same routine before the game. I dress up 40 minutes before the game and then take my six laps around the rink. But other than that, I am really not superstitious..

Jen, P-Bruin's fan: You've probably been asked this so many times, but it's so late into the season and there still isn't a captain. What is the reason for it? When will you pick one and how do you get to be captain? Also, you have done a terriffic job the whole entire time you've been with Providence, we're lucky to have you. Keep up the good work!

Peter Ferraro: Good question. I have no idea. I have been questioning that myself. Maybe when the time comes to make the decision, then we will have our captain. Our previous captain was Dennis Vaske.

Nick: Do you think the Bruins are in the toughest division of the AHL this year? And who do you think will be your biggest challenge to win the New England Division?

Peter Ferraro: I definitely think our division is the toughest. If you look at the points, you can see for yourself. I think Hartford will be our toughest rival; they will be the team to beat.

Geoffery in PA: At what point did you realize that you were good enough to go all the way?

Peter Ferraro: I would have to say right, funny as it seems, after I played pee wee hockey and make it a career and set my sights to it.  Fortunately I made it. Realistically, the biggest eyeopener was playing on the Olympic team playing other NHL teams, where I achieved a lot of individual success.

Harold in Calgary: how do you find the fans in Providence?

Peter Ferraro: They are excellent fans, very knowledgable and very loyal

yeahbaby: I am a Portland Pirate fan,sorry all the people love you here in Maine.How does it feel to play against your old collage state. One more thing where is your brother playing Chris. Well congrats and good luck!!!!!!!!!!

Peter Ferraro: Chris is with the Islanders. When I play in Maine, it brings back a lot of memories when I played at the University of Maine. I was there in 92-93 when we won the championship, and then I played in 93-94 with the Olympic team, then came back to play the last few games to finish the season at Maine.

Norvick: Jeff, congrats on being playerof the week. How do you compare yourself to someof the top players in the league like Christian Matte.

Peter Ferraro: He is definitely a very good hockey player and an offensive talent. When I play in the AHL and NHL, I try not to be a one-way player in either league. Offensively, I am up right there with the best players.  I also try to practice my defensive game.

Corey from Providence: What is the significance of the number "17" which you are wearing this year. I recall last year you wore number "42" 

Peter Ferraro: 17 has been my number my whole career. I was asking for it for my last month with the organization last season. They gave me 42, which was the only number available at the time.

Peter Ferraro: I would like to thank all the fans who have supported me throughout my career. See you at the games.

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