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** NOTE **

All photographs found on this site are considered personal property, and copyrighted by

their original owners/authors, and are used with their permission when not my own.   Should
you wish to use/re-publish any of the photos listed on any of the photo pages, obtain permission
from the original owner of the photographs.  Their names can all be found on the Credits page,
and are listed in alphabetical order.  If a picture you want to use elsewhere is mine,
Email me and get my permission before using them elsewhere.  It is illegal
to take copyrighted information and publish it elsewhere without express written
permission of the original owner.  Thank you.
-- Kristy

Peter & Chris (from Portland Press-Herald article) (10/07/01)  ** NEW **
Fixated for the draw (Peter) (10/19/01)  ** NEW **
Maybe if I move a little more this way... (Peter) (10/19/01)  ** NEW **

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