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-- Kristy

2000-01 (Boston Bruins Pix)
What's that down there? (09/13/00)
It's a joke, son!   (09/13/00)
Getting back into the play  (09/13/00)
Coasting toward a face-off location  (09/13/00)
Waiting his turn in warm-ups  (09/13/00)
Concentrating on the play at hand   (09/13/00)
Getting ready for the draw (09/11/00) 
Striking a pose with Hal Gill (09/10/00) 
Hollering for the pass (09/10/00) 
Hanging out with Lee Goren at practice (09/10/00) 
Sharing a joke while signing autographs (09/10/00) 
Take the puck with you, Peter... (09/10/00) 
Signing autographs at training camp (09/10/00) 
Taking a breather alongside Ken Belanger (09/10/00)
Time for the next shift (09/09/00)  
Pleading his case (09/09/00) 
Okay... what's the plan? (09/09/00) 
A bunch of comedians, y'are (09/09/00)

1999-2000 (Boston Bruins Pix)
Gathering pucks with Eric Nickulas (04/09/00)
Eye on the net (04/09/00)
Watching a pass connect with a teammate (04/09/00)
Focused (04/09/00)
Taking a breather (04/09/00)
Coming down the slot (04/09/00)
Looking for weaknesses as the other team warms up (11/11/99)
Back in Beantown (11/11/99)
Warming up in Boston along with Jay Henderson (11/11/99)
Lining up alongside Kyle McLaren (9/24/99)
Pass it here, I'm open! (9/26/99)
Head's up! (9/24/99)
Waiting for my turn (9/22/99)
Oh, say can you see? (9/16/99)

1998-99 (Boston Bruins Pix)

Psssst... Joe... look over there... (1/21/99)
Yeah, baby!
1998-99 Bruins Yearbook Proof (Steve Babineau)
You slow him up, Heinzie, I'll go get the puck (Steve Babineau)
Race ya! (Steve Babineau)
Set for the face-off against the Carolina Hurricanes (Steve Babineau)
Peter & Chris: Bruin & Oiler (Steve Babineau)
On the move (1/99)
Busy, busy, busy! (signing sticks for a fan at the Wives' Carnival) (1/10/99)
Hey, what's up? (1/10/99)
Watching a fan play the beanbag toss game (1/10/99)
Okay, take the picture (1/10/99)
Peter & Jackie Moran at the Wives' Carnival (1/10/99)
What a profile!
Peter signing for the fans at Bruins training camp
Fending off Barry Richter of the NY Islanders
Caught on film during warmups (what IS Hal doing in the background?) :)
Let that puppy rip, Peter!
Something funny's goin' on here...
Checking out the scene
Watching the action in Dallas on New Year's Eve
Getting ready to take the ice
Keeping an eye on the action (again in Dallas on New Year's Eve)
Who's that? :)
Way to go, Bomber!
Boston Bruins roster shot
Boston Bruins yearbook picture
Boston Bruins Christmas Party
NHLPA's action roster shot
Helping out in the community
Oh yeah?  You think so?
In the middle of the action
Trying to gain control of the puck
Making prey of a Predator
Peter's Bruins yearbook autograph
Warmups before the Predator Whitewashing at the Fleet
More warm-ups...
Smile!! (at the Wives' Carnival - 1/10/99) (Thanks, Peter!)
Peter & yours truly (at the Wives' Carnival - 1/10/99) (Thanks again, Peter!)
Peter & Eileen Ledbetter (at the Wives' Carnival - 1/10/99)
Peter's Bruins locker stall (taken during the Wives' Carnival - 1/10/99)
Getting back into the action

1997-98 (Pittsburgh Penguins Pix)
This is a glove, right? :) 
Out-maneuvering a Star
Up close and personal
Pittsburgh Penguins roster shot

1995-1998 (New York Rangers Pix)
Peter & Chris as New York Rangers
You'll have to go through me first (Steve Babineau)
Another New York Ranger shot

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